What does “Milagro” stand for ?

Milagro is a Spanish word meaning “miracle”. We focus on developing solutions and systems that facilitate human interaction with technology for ALL users. This includes differently abled users with visual or ambulatory limitations as well. We also strongly advocate and support community initiatives and continue to contribute our services and resources to projects that will in some way foster the betterment of human lives and the natural environment.

What are the kind of projects you undertake ?

Milagro Interactive is a full service digital technology services and product development firm that offers an integrated approach towards the planning, design, and development of communication strategy, digital media assets, and technology products & solutions. We combine strategic approaches with intelligent technology to foster human interaction with technology. For more details on our services please click here.

What industries does Milagro Interactive work for ?

Milagro Interactive has worked for both concept stage startups, Fortune 500 enterprises and every kind of organization in between. We are passionate about understanding business problems and creating solutions that work for our clients. We always want to explore different kinds of projects and industries to ensure continual learning and innovation. Click here to learn about the industries we have serviced.

What budgets does Milagro Interactive typically work with ?

At Milagro Interactive, we make the effort to understand our clients, their specific requirements, and offer solutions that would fulfill business objectives. As such each project has its unique requirements and goals. We therefore work on a flexible pricing model to offer the best possible rates for the scope and specifications of our customer's projects. A detailed breakdown of activities and their associated costs is provided to our clients before commencement of projects. This approach is mutually beneficial to both our clients and our project teams.

How does Milagro Interactive measure success of projects ?

At the outset, Milagro Interactive will clearly articulate the broader objectives / goals for any project, outlining the business needs and technical solutions that aim to deliver towards those requirements. Our processes define time and cost schedules for all activities, coupled with sophisticated tools to capture and measure data in context to the broader purpose. Success of all projects is measured by on time / on cost delivery and the fulfilment of pre-defined project objectives.

Will I have all the details of my project in the proposal ?

While requirements for projects can sometimes change during their course of development, we will always define requirements and specifications as completely as possible before commencement of work. We also highlight key assumptions and other contingencies to effectively manage expectations with our clients.

How much time will it take to complete a project ?

No two projects are the same. Each project has specific requirements which are understood and defined before commencement. We present a detailed project plan articulating timelines for iterative deliveries and completion times / dates allowing our team and our clients to manage projects in a traceable manner.

Who is involved in your project teams ?

While each project has its unique requirements and therefore requires specific capabilities, our design / development projects typically comprise of a Project Strategist, UI/UX Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance leaders and Project Managers. Each project also has a dedicated account manager to ensure seamless coordination with our clients.

Do we get a dedicated accounts/project manager ?

All projects and clients will be allocated a dedicated account / relationship manager to whom communication, queries, and requests can be escalated. At Milagro Interactive, we learn from being close to our customers, so as to provide solutions that actually deliver tangible value to their businesses.

How do you ensure quality of the projects being delivered ?

Milagro Interactive is an ISO 9001 BVQI certified organization and our quality assurance processes ensure that projects follow a traceable life cycle which goes through iterative phases of review, feedback, testing, and detailed documentation to ensure that tasks are delivered on time and within cost schedules.

For further information kindly click here.

What is the process of reporting on project progress ?

We specifically define timelines for iterative project related deliveries at the time of commencement of any scope of work. Communication & reporting protocols are also documented at the outset and our clients are kept abreast of development / progress on a regular basis as per the project plan. Our coordination with our clients includes detailed progress reports on specific timelines, personal meetings, regular email and telephonic communication to ensure that the client is always fully informed of their project.

What is your engagement after the project has been successfully delivered ?

At Milagro Interactive, we focus on building long term associations with all our stakeholders – this includes our clients, vendors and personnel. We believe in the mutual value from sustainable relationships and are available to support our clients even after completion of specific projects. It is also in our interest to understand the value our work has created for our clients. Hence, we always encourage our clients to keep in touch, as we endeavour to do so with them.

Who owns the intellectual property for a particular project ?

On completion of a particular scope of work to the satisfaction of our clients, and receipt of payments as per terms of contract, we hand over all project related assets and intellectual property to our clients. As such, unless otherwise specified, our clients are the sole owners of the intellectual property.

What is your pricing model ?

As with all other digital technology firms, at Milagro Interactive, our pricing structure is based on a time & resource model. Each project is broken down into specific activities and is estimated on the basis of the no. of person hours / days / months required to execute the requirements. We provide our clients with a detailed breakdown of each activity prior to commencement of any project so they are well informed of where their investments are being deployed.

What are your payment terms ?

Typically, for most projects, Milagro Interactive works on payment in two equal instalments – 50% on commencement of project and 50% on final delivery. For projects that are more complex and require longer time periods to execute, we offer a more flexible payment structure that is defined on mutually beneficial terms.

What security protocols ensure the integrity of client data ?

In many cases, Milagro Interactive is responsible for generating, managing and reporting on end customer data for our clients. As such, we have robust protocols in place to ensure the integrity of our clients assets. Our data security protocols ensure that there are absolutely no vulnerabilities in the development code for enterprises and mobile apps. We deploy intelligent encryption technologies to capture and share information. Further, access to data is managed via a stringent process with regular audits to ensure compliance within our teams. Backups of client data are conducted in an iterative manner to ensure there is never any data loss or compromise.

Does Milagro Interactive provide reports to measure campaigns ?

Digital campaigns have to be driven by user data. We understand and define target audiences, broader key performance indicators (KPI’s) and business objectives for all digital campaigns. As an iterative process, we generate and present reports with tangible data to determine the success of campaigns. Our reports aim to convert data into insight using a multiplicity of tools, including marketplace analysis, behavioural insights, online marketing effectiveness to strategize ongoing campaigns.

How does Milagro keeps up-to-date with contemporary trends in design and technology ?

At Milagro Interactive, we have a passion for design and technology. We continually keep ourselves abreast of contemporary trends, technologies and tools to offer our clients the best in class solutions. We work in a collaborative learning environment to disseminate knowledge across our teams and offer our teams regular training sessions and participation in industry events to ensure that we stay on top of industry trends at all times.

What differentiates Milagro Interactive from other service providers ?

Milagro Interactive has always been a value driven organisation that focuses on trust, integrity and transparency in all our associations. We are an always evolving organisation with a passion for design and technology. We constantly develop flexible, multidisciplinary teams that are highly motivated towards collaborative work, and offer an environment that constantly empowers ideas. We encourage diversity and value different approaches towards offering the best possible solutions to our clients business problems. At Milagro Interactive, “average” simply does not pass the test of our conscience.

Where are Milagro Interactive's clients located ?

Our robust global delivery methodology ensure that projects follow a traceable journey from concept to final implementation. Over the last 12 years, Milagro Interactive has successfully delivered projects to clients across 32 different countries. In the United States, our clients are located across 9 different cities across the country.

What is meant by “responsive” design ?

Websites and applications are being accessed by a wide range of users on an array of devices. Further, each device has different display settings, resolutions, and processing capabilities. Responsive design aims to automatically retrofit websites and applications to best suit the device that are being used to access online content. At Milagro Interactive, we create interfaces that focus around offering paramount user experiences – websites and applications that look great and work well no matter what device they are being viewed on.

For further information on our UI/UX interaction design services, kindly click here.

Do I need a mobile website or a mobile app ?

One of the main concerns for many business owners is whether to develop a mobile app or design a mobile friendly website, or both. Given that almost 70% of contemporary users first touchpoint with online content is on their mobile devices, it seems imperative that a mobile friend website is an absolute requirement. Websites should, ideally, be designed to be “responsive” and therefore easily accessible for mobile use. A mobile app, on the other hand, is an installable program on the users mobile device. Identifying whether a mobile app is required is more a business call and strategic decision,based on business need. A mobile app allows users to continually interact with your business on their mobile devices without having to go back to your website, and therefore offers constant engagement, interactive utility, and connect with your customers. However, developing a mobile app would mean clearly articulating business goals, customer behaviour, and the experience that you aim to offer. It also means deploying a budget for the development and ongoing maintenance of the mobile app.

At Milagro Interactive, we have successfully planned for the convergence of all the mediums and build interoperable solutions for our clients that offer consistent user experiences. For further information on our Mobile App services, kindly click here.

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Can a common mobile app be developed to perform on multiple platforms ?

Yes. While most interactive, performance driven apps till date have been built on their native platforms, contemporary technologies do allow us to build cross platform apps that work effectively on iOS, Android and Windows Operating Systems. This “hybrid” development approach allows us to develop apps that offers near native user experience and interactivity. While some apps and features will always need to be developed on a native platform, cross platform development allows us to develop apps for all devices in a quicker timeframe and at lower costs for both enterprises and end users.

Can mobile apps work offline ?

Yes. If developed in an intelligent way, mobile apps can be built to perform key functions even where there is low or non existent network connectivity. We understand how frustrating it can get when we loose network connection while in the middle of interacting with our mobile apps. We therefore, build apps that effectively store important data on users' devices locally to allow them to continue working with the app. When the app connects back to the network changes saved locally are automatically synced back with the server.

At Milagro Interactive, we focus on delivering paramount user experiences and ensure that our apps deliver optimal performance, even when network connects are not available.

Do you create apps for interactive TV ?

Yes. We do create smart apps for Interactive TV. With the convergence of all mediums, users are constantly interacting with online content and resources using a wide range of devices – their desktops, mobile devices and smart TV's. At Milagro Interactive, we build robust, immersive, interactive apps for the big screen on both tVOS and Android platforms.

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